Tube and shell heat exchangers and vessels

IN-BUL offers all types of heat exchangers both one and multi-pass as per the below:

  • with straight tubes and permanent tube sheet,
  • with straight and U tubes,
  • with corrugated compensators,
  • with compensators with helicoidal baffles of helix changer type.

The offered heat exchangers fulfil the structural and technical requirements specified in the commonly used standards of refinery and petrochemical industries.

IN-BUL offers also tailor-made design according to individual client requirements. Thermal calculation is done using American computer calculation program which allows to calculate all the heat exchanger operation parameters after entering the data received from the client.

IN-BUL uses special equipment and tools such as CNC boring and milling machines, equipment for rolling the tubes in the tube sheet with a controlled torque, tool for cutting sealing grooves in the tube sheet holes and automatic CNC machine for welding tubes in tube sheet.

INBUL has all necessary approvals for pressure vessels manufacturing (UDT,DNV,TUV, LR).

IN-BUL offers also pressure vessels according to client technical documentation and requirements.

IN-BUL is able to design and manufacture pressure vessels with maximum dimensions:

  • Diameter up to 5000mm
  • Length up to 35000mm
  • Weight up to 64 tonnes
  • Thicknes of the pressure vessel shell up to 60mm

Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels designed for water, air, steam, condensate (with or without deaerator) –for sea transportation of loose materials aggressive liquids or gases.

Used materials for IN-BULs pressure vessels: carbon steel (according to EN, ASTM, BS), acid-proof steel (according to EN, ASTM, BS), DUPLEX (according to client’s request). Pressure vessels made of acid-proof and DUPLEX steel are passivated and blasted with pearl glass to improve their resistance to corrosion.

Pressure vessels are designed according to individual client needs. IN-BUL uses a computer program for heat calculations of deaerators.

INBUL has been approved by applicable Classification Societies for pressure vessels manufacturing (UDT, DNV, TUV, LR).