Land and sea transport of IN-BUL’s products

LAND transport possibilities

The most common mode of transport is a car transport. Most of the deliveries are according to the standard land transport modes parameters.

IN-BUL also offers the transport of oversized items, thus providing the transport according to oversized cargo requirements (heavier, longer and wider products).

The biggest product shipped from IN-BUL by land transport was 15m long, had 5m in diameter and weighed 55 tonnes.

SEA transport possibilities

The excellent location of IN-BUL (around 60km away from harbours in Gdansk and Gdynia) enables also IN-BUL to ship the products by sea.

IN-BUL also has its own facility in Gdansk Shipyard located 500m from Kashubian Coast which measures 20x60m and is equipped with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 32 and 25 tonnes respectively.